Living Positively

February 29, 2016

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now, but until recently it didn't seem natural to do so. It didn't seem honest to write about living positively until I knew that I was making a conscious effort to do so myself. I'm not quite sure why things seem to have fallen into place for me recently, but I'm certain that what I've listed below has contributed. These are a few of the things that I feel are important when aiming to live a happier, more positive life:

Look after yourself. This is by far the most important for me. Start with the basics: get enough sleep; go outside from time to time; exercise when you can; drink plenty of water and eat a little healthier.

Change your perspective. Seeing things in a positive light often seems impossible, but the difference it can make is astounding. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems and it's important to keep this in mind, especially when things go wrong.

Learn to let go. It's so easy to dwell on the things that make you unhappy, but holding onto them will only negatively effect you. It's okay to be unhappy from time to time, but it's also important to recognise when it's time to let things go.

Realise the possibility for change. Everyday is a fresh start, and if you're unhappy with something, change it. Never stop adapting and growing as a person, and don't be afraid to change your mind about things - your aims, opinions and style don't have to stay the same forever.

Be kind to others. I firmly believe that you attract what you put out into the world, meaning that if you choose to spread kindness, you'll recieve the same in return. I know that it's not always easy to be kind to others, and that it may seem fake or unfair to do so, but with enough practise it will become second nature.

Stop worrying. If you have a solution, what's the use? If you don't, what's the point?

Cut out all negativity. If there are people in your life who make you miserable, they don't deserve to be there. Although cutting them out may seem difficult, you'll feel better for it in the long-term. The same goes for your belongings. Holding onto useless items that you don't need, that hold negative sentimental value, or that don't reflect you as a person, only gets in the way of the things that do.

Do what makes you happy. Unfortunately, for so many people, this isn't a priority. Life gets in the way and doing something simply because you enjoy it seems like a waste of time, or money. Even so, it's important to do what makes you happy, at least once in a while. Never feel bad or apologise for doing what's best for you, regardless of what other people think.

Reflect. At the end of each day, take time to reflect on what made you happy, the things you achieved and what you are grateful for (it often helps me to talk this through with someone, or to write it down). Work out the changes you want to make to make tomorrow a better day, and act on them.

Have confidence. This takes time, and it's definitely easier said than done. Don't try to be anything you're not, and work on accepting your insecurities, rather than wishing them away. Self improvement is good, of course, but don't change for anyone other than yourself.

Undoubtedly, it's impossible to do all of this at once - positivity requires time and effort, and you have to be willing to work for it. Even so, I hope that you can take something from this post and maybe by being aware a few of the things I've said, you'll begin to notice a difference in your own life.

See you soon!

P.S. Apologies for the fact that this post is neither on a Wednesday or a Sunday. The balance between blogging and A-levels is still something I'm trying to work out.
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  1. These are all really great tips to living a more positive life. Letting go has been one of the best things that I could've done. :]

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