About Me.

My name is Evie (or Evangeline, if you prefer). I'm seventeen years old and I live in England.

At the moment, my favourite artists are Marina & The Diamonds and Melanie Martinez but it changes all the time. At some point I'll post a more extensive list but, for now, this is the link to my spotify.

Aside from that I enjoy concerts, films, travelling, psychology, trips to the gym and anything French. I also play the flute and I'm part of an orchestra, which I love.

About EvangelineLouise.

I started this blog in January of 2015 but I'm still relatively new, having only been posting regularly since the following Autumn. I don't yet feel as if I've found my feet in the blogging world - I'm still trying to figure out my writing style and the type of content I want to post. Even so, I'm very optimistic about the future of this blog and I'm working constantly to try and make is as nice as possible. Don't be a stranger!
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